Teresa Magalhães

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AIMS The purpose of this study is to contribute to the understanding of the secondary victimization process related to the compensation procedures for physical injuries with regard to the role of law professionals. METHODS Through the completion of an unsigned questionnaire, 81 victims of road traffic accidents reported their experience with the(More)
The link between brain iron homeostasis and neurodegenerative disease has been the subject of extensive research. There is increasing evidence of iron accumulation during ageing, and altered iron levels in some specific brain regions in neurodegenerative disease patients have been reported. Using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after(More)
Establishing a person's identity can be a very difficult process. Dental, fingerprint and DNA comparisons are probably the most common techniques used in this context, allowing fast and secure identification processes. However, since they cannot always be used, sometimes it is necessary to apply different and less known techniques. In this paper, the(More)
The objective of this paper was to study the epidemiological characteristics of orofacial damage resulting from road accidents among victims assessed in the Oporto delegation of the Legal Medicine Institute, in Portugal. It was also our goal to analyze in which way orofacial sequelae was reflected in the victims' complete social reintegration.
INTRODUCTION Current literature states that dental medicine can have an important role in diagnosing situations of domestic violence, namely cases of intimate partner violence, since many of the injuries that occur in this context concern the head and neck areas. The aim of this study was to characterize oral injuries in these cases in a Portuguese(More)
INTRODUCTION Intimate partner violence is an important worldwide problem. In general, men are considered perpetrators of this type of violence, but they can also be victims. The experience of men as victims of intimate partner violence is not yet described and characterized in Portugal. The aim of this study is to contribute to characterize this phenomenon(More)
An estimation of the post mortem interval (PMI) is frequently touted as the Holy Grail of forensic pathology. During the first hours after death, PMI estimation is dependent on the rate of physical observable modifications including algor, rigor and livor mortis. However, these assessment methods are still largely unreliable and inaccurate. Alternatively,(More)
Using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry after samples microwave-assisted acid digestion, zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), and manganese (Mn) levels were measured in 14 different areas of the human brain of adult individuals (n = 42; 71 ± 12, range 50–101 years old) without a known history of neurodegenerative, neurological, or psychiatric disorder. The(More)
A study was undertaken on suicidal cases due to sharp force injuries (cut and/or stab wounds) observed at the Northern Branch of the National Institute of Legal Medicine (Portugal) from 1997 to 2007. Its aim was to analyse the different wound patterns and the epidemiological and social factors that could be related to the suicide behaviour in these(More)
BACKGROUND Fatalities resulting from paraquat (PQ) self-poisonings represent a major burden of this herbicide. Specific therapeutic approaches have been followed to interrupt its toxic pathway, namely decontamination measures to prevent PQ absorption and to increase its excretion from organism, as well as the administration of anti-inflammatory and(More)