Teresa M Neeman

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Thirty genes composed of cytokines, chemokines, granzymes, perforin and integrins were evaluated in gut and splenic K(d)Gag197-205-specific single CD8(+) T cells using Fluidigm 48.48 Dynamic arrays,(More)
QUESTION In people who have been discharged from hospital after a total hip replacement, do rehabilitation exercises directed by a physiotherapist improve strength, gait, function and quality of(More)
There is a need for nationally representative information on the affordability of health care by disability status to assist in the design of equitable health systems in developing countries. Using(More)
BACKGROUND The adipocytokines leptin and adiponectin have been variously associated with diabetic microvascular complications. No comprehensive clinical data exist examining the association between(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to establish whether intensive care unit (ICU) patients have impaired inspiratory muscle (IM) endurance immediately following weaning from prolonged(More)