Teresa M. Lebair

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Diabetes is a collection of diseases marked by high levels of glucose in the blood. The condition results from defects in insulin production or function, which are activities performed by the pancreas. Within the endocrine system of the pancreas lie clusters of cells called islets. Each islet is composed of four different cells, the most prevalent of which(More)
Proposal Our goal is to create a computational model of an islet of Langerhans, consisting of α-, β-, and δ-cells. We will focus on varying the geometries and proportions of the cells in this islet, and study the hormonal secretion and reception of each cell at any point in time. We are currently considering basic cubic and spherical models, among others.(More)
In order to further understand diabetes mellitus, it is necessary to investigate the dynamics of insulin secretion in the bloodstream. Diabetes is a disease characterized by improper concentrations of blood glucose due to irregular insulin production. Beta cells are responsible for the production and regulation of insulin based on changes in glucose levels.(More)
Shape restricted smoothing splines receive growing attention, motivated by a wide range of important applications in science and engineering. In this paper, we consider smoothing splines subject to general linear dynamics and control constraints, and formulate them as finite-horizon constrained linear optimal control problems with unknown initial state and(More)
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