Teresa M. Adams

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Spin manipulation using electric currents is one of the most promising directions in the field of spintronics. We used neutron scattering to observe the influence of an electric current on the magnetic structure in a bulk material. In the skyrmion lattice of manganese silicon, where the spins form a lattice of magnetic vortices similar to the vortex lattice(More)
Effective intervehicle communication is fundamental to a decentralized traffic information system based on mobile ad hoc vehicle networks. Here we model the information propagation process through inter-vehicle communication when the vehicle headway follows a general distribution. Equations for the expected value and variance of propagation distance are(More)
This paper presents the essential temporal data constructs necessary in providing solutions for transportation applications that use dynamic data, such as facility management systems, safety and incident management, transportation planning, emergency management, and intelligent transportation systems. These temporal data constructs are categorized as time(More)
ion. (a) Concentrating on a problem at some general<lb>level of detail and ignoring details that are not at that level<lb>of generalization (2). (b) A mental facility that permits<lb>humans to view real-wold problems with varying degrees of<lb>detail depending on the current context on the problem (28).<lb>accuracy. (a) A measure of how closely a set of(More)
We report a long-wavelength helimagnetic superstructure in bulk samples of the ferrimagnetic insulator Cu2OSeO3. The magnetic phase diagram associated with the helimagnetic modulation inferred from small-angle neutron scattering and magnetization measurements includes a skyrmion lattice phase and is strongly reminiscent of MnSi, FeGe, and Fe(1-x)Co(x)Si,(More)
Anterior hypothalamic temperature is reported for the unanesthetized cat resting at an air temperature of 22 degrees to 25 degrees C during the ingestion of cold or warm liquids, and during sleep. Drinking cold (5 degrees C) milk resulted in an immediate depression of hypothalamic temperature and a period of peripheral vasodilation in the ear and forepaw(More)
Transportation agencies manage data that is referenced in one, two, three, and four dimensions. Location referencing system (LRS) data models vary across transportation agencies and often within organizations as well. This has resulted in failed attempts and abandoned efforts to interoperate business functions and / or integrate data. A number of(More)
We report small angle neutron scattering of the Skyrmion lattice in MnSi using an experimental setup that minimizes the effects of demagnetizing fields and double scattering. Under these conditions, the Skyrmion lattice displays resolution-limited Gaussian rocking peaks that correspond to a magnetic correlation length in excess of several hundred(More)