Teresa Lynn Newberry

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Biogenic silica (BSi), total phosphorus (TP), and biologically available phosphorus (AVP) were measured in short cores from Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Peaks in BSi concentration and peaks in BSi:TP or BSi:AVP ratios provided stratigraphic signals of water column silica (Si) depletion as a response of increased diatom production to P(More)
Understanding the response of long-lived species to natural climatic variability at multiple scales is a prerequisite for forecasting ecosystem responses to global climate change. This study investigated the response of piñon pine (Pinus edulis) to natural climatic variability using information on physiology and growth as recorded in leaves and tree rings.(More)
The biogenic silica (BSi) record has been determined in the sediments of Little Round Lake, Ontario in order to review its postglacial development and study the relationship between BSi and diatoms. BSi concentrations in the sediment stratigraphy were found to correspond for the most part to the trophic history of Little Round Lake. Calculation of(More)
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