Teresa Lopes da Silva

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The present work studied low-cost carbon sources for carotenoid and lipid production using the yeast Rhodosporidum toruloides NCYC 921. Carob pulp syrup and sugarcane molasses at different(More)
The main objective of this work was to establish those factors either physical (power input) or chemical (limiting substrate or dilution rate) that enhance cell aggregation (biofilm or floc(More)
The use of lignocellulosic materials as substrate for bioethanol production is considered a cost-effective approach to make the biofuel production process economically sustainable. However,(More)
The yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides NCYC 921 was grown on carbon or nitrogen limited batch cultures. The fermentations were monitored using traditional techniques and multi-parameter flow cytometry.(More)
Flow cytometry was used to monitor the lipid content, viability and intrinsic light scatter properties of Rhodotorula glutinis CCMI 145 cells growing on batch cultures using xylose and glucose as(More)