Teresa Lluch-Canut

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BACKGROUND Ethical conflicts are arising as a result of the growing complexity of clinical care, coupled with technological advances. Most studies that have developed instruments for measuring ethical conflict base their measures on the variables 'frequency' and 'degree of conflict'. In our view, however, these variables are insufficient for explaining the(More)
This study was aimed to analyze and assess the use and perception of electronic health records (EHRs) by nurses. The study sample included 113 nurses from different shifts of primary health facilities in Catalonia, Spain, devoted to adult as well as pediatric outpatients using EHRs throughout the year 2010. A majority of the sample (87.5%) were women and(More)
BACKGROUND A holistic perspective on health implies giving careful consideration to the relationship between physical and mental health. In this regard the present study sought to determine the level of Positive Mental Health (PMH) among people with chronic physical health problems, and to examine the relationship between the observed levels of PMH and both(More)
The aim of this study was to design and validate an instrument to measure the wellness among university nursing faculty. The study was performed in two phases. Phase I consisted of the development of the instrument with discussion groups and participant consensus. We designed an instrument including the 21 items or psychosocial risk factors identified and(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric nurses are aware of the importance of the therapeutic relationship in psychiatric units. Nevertheless, a review of the scientific evidence indicates that theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient to establish an adequate therapeutic alliance. Therefore, strategies are required to promote changes to enhance the establishment of the(More)
PURPOSE To examine how evidence about the therapeutic alliance gleaned from participatory action project affected the level of this alliance and the degree of empathy of psychiatric nurses. DESIGN AND METHODS Quasi-experimental study in two psychiatric units. In one group, evidence-based practices that affected the therapeutic alliance were implemented;(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a new instrument in Spanish designed to measure self-care requisites in patients with schizophrenia treated in the community. DESIGN AND METHODS The first phase was conducted to develop the questionnaire through a panel of experts and evaluate for content validity. Psychometric evaluation was(More)
BACKGROUND Ethical conflicts in nursing have generally been studied in terms of temporal frequency and the degree of conflict. This study presents a new perspective for examining ethical conflict in terms of the degree of exposure to conflict and its typology. OBJECTIVES The aim was to examine the level of exposure to ethical conflict for professional(More)
PURPOSE To study the significance of 'therapeutic relationship' between nurses and patients within the context of a psychiatric hospital. METHOD Narrative literature review. Content analysis. FINDINGS The significance of the therapeutic relationship is quite similar for both nurses and patients in psychiatric hospital units. Nevertheless, several(More)
BACKGROUND The nursing education program framework in Spain has recently been adapted and modified. This study aimed to analyze university postgraduate master'slevel nursing education during the past 21 years in Spain in terms of educational supply and demand. METHOD A retrospective, longitudinal, descriptive, and observational design was used. The(More)