Teresa Ledwina

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The data driven Neyman statistic consists of two elements: a score statistic in a finite dimensional submodel and a selection rule to determine the best fitted submodel. For instance, Schwarz BIC and Akaike AIC rules are often applied in such constructions. For moderate sample sizes AIC is sensitive in detecting complex models, while BIC works well for(More)
The class of admissible tests for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in a multi-allelic system is characterized. The standard goodness-of-fit chi-square tests is shown to be admissible for systems of two or more alleles. The conditional probability distribution required to determine the exact significance level of this test is presented.
The shortcoming of a test is the difference between the maximal attainable power and the power of the test under consideration. Vanishing shortcoming, when the number of observations tends to infinity, is therefore an optimality property of a test. Other familiar optimality criteria are based on the asymptotic relative efficiency of the test. The relations(More)
There is a lot of interest in positive dependence going beyond linear correlation. In this paper three new rank tests for testing independence against positive dependence are introduced. The first one is directed on positive quadrant dependence, the second and third one concentrate on positive function dependence. The new testing procedures are not only(More)
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