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Delayed intracranial hemorrhage in the patient with blunt trauma on anticoagulant or antiplatelet agents: routine repeat head computed tomography is unnecessary
Routine repeat head CT in patients with blunt trauma taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet agents is unnecessary and incidence and complication rate of delayed intracranial hemorrhage (DICH) after an initially negative head CT is low and routine repeat CT is not warranted. Expand
Impact of COVID‐19 pandemic on functioning of cytopathology laboratory: Experience and perspective from an academic centre in New York
The experience and challenges that were faced in a cytopathology laboratory at a major academic centre in New York, USA during the peak of infection are shared. Expand
Intensive care unit design and mortality in trauma patients.
Trauma patient room placement within the ICU does not relate to mortality rate significantly when corrected for patient acuity, and variables such as age, ISS, and CCI are associated with mortality. Expand
Increased Total Serum Random Cortisol Levels Predict Mortality in Critically Ill Trauma Patients
Higher cortisol levels were predictive of mortality in critically ill trauma patients, and the covariate-adjusted area under the receiver operating characteristic curve indicated that cortisol level has a 77 per cent accuracy in differentiating survivors from nonsurvivors. Expand
Pneumocystis jirovecii immunostain versus Gomori/Grocott methenamine silver stain of bronchoalveolar lavage in cell blocks: an institutional experience.
PCJ IHC performed in cell block is more sensitive and specific than GMS and is a reliable marker when a low number of PCJ organisms are present. Expand
Incidence of dysphagia after odontoid screw fixation of type II odontoid fracture in the elderly
Age over 65 is a significant predictor of post-operative dysphagia in patients undergoing type II odontoid screw fixation and with each additional year above 65, the likelihood ofPostoperative dysphAGia increased by 12% and statistically increased the LOS and total costs. Expand