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The relationship between distance and size perception is unclear because of conflicting results of tests investigating the size-distance invariance hypothesis (SDIH), according to which perceived size is proportional to perceived distance. We propose that response bias with regard to measures of perceived distance is at the root of the conflict. Rather than(More)
Community Psychology's emphasis on citizen participation aligns with the nationwide children's mental health family movement and is clearly evident in communities that have made sustainable system changes. The national family movement has long advocated for the meaningful engagement of families and youth who are the focus population of the federal(More)
Acknowledgments The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) gratefully acknowledges the support and commitment of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). BBI was initiated and has been sustained through SAMHSA's leadership. The Building Bridges Initiative would like to acknowledge the sustaining support of Magellan Health Services,(More)
New Zealand schools have a responsibility to ensure that children are informed about potential natural disasters, and are prepared with protective strategies. The present study aimed to investigate children's knowledge, cognitions, and emotions concerning natural disasters, with a particular focus on earthquakes and tsunami. Thirty Year-5 school students(More)
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