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A variety of serovars of the food-borne pathogen Vibrio parahaemolyticus normally cause infection. Since 1996, the O3:K6 strains of this pathogen have caused pandemics in many Asian countries, including Taiwan. For a better understanding of these pandemic strains, the recently isolated clinical O3:K6 strains from India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan were(More)
When making decisions that involve tradeoffs between the quality and timing of desirable outcomes, people consistently discount the value of future outcomes. A puzzling finding regarding such decisions is the extremely high rate at which people discount future monetary outcomes. Most economists would argue that decision-makers should only turn down rates of(More)
BACKGROUND Streptobacillus moniliformis is a zoonotic agent associated with rodent contacts. Although it is more commonly reported to cause rat-bite fever with reactive arthritides, it can also lead to pyogenic infection of the joints. CASE PRESENTATION We present a lady with past history of osteoarthritis developing streptobacillary septic arthritides of(More)
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