Teresa Howell

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There is widespread concern that deviant sexual fantasies promote corresponding behaviors. The authors investigated whether that concern is valid in nonoffender samples. Self-reports of nine deviant sexual fantasies and behaviors were compared in two samples of male undergraduates. In Study 1, 95% of respondents reported experiencing at least one sexually(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the feasibility and utility of a simple data collection methodology for dietary assessment. DESIGN Using a cross-sectional design, trained data collectors approached adults (approximately 20 - 40 years of age) at local grocery stores and asked whether they would volunteer their grocery receipts and answer a few questions for a small(More)
In previous work, mouse lines were selected for eight generations for resistance (R) or susceptibility (S) to endophyte-infected fescue toxicosis using depression in postweaning gain caused by a toxin-containing diet as the selection criterion. Characterizing biological changes associated with resistance or susceptibility in those mice might suggest genetic(More)
Elderly persons with psychiatric disorders often experience a variety of functional deficits that affect their independence, safety, and activity level. The occupational therapist's role in addressing these needs is discussed, as are the possibilities for improvement of the elderly person's autonomy, safety, and integrity. Barriers to optimal service(More)
Although the nature and prevalence of deviant sexual thoughts and behaviors has been well investigated in forensic samples, far less attention has been paid to these phenomena in sub-clinical settings. A male undergraduate sample (N = 88) completed the Multidimensional Assessment of Sex and Aggression (MASA; Knight et al., 1994) as a measure of deviant(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to understand the role that traditional Indigenous health care practices can play in increasing individual-level self-determination over health care and improving health outcomes for urban Indigenous peoples in Canada. METHODS This project took place in Vancouver, British Columbia and included the creation and delivery of(More)
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