Teresa Gonzalez Franco

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BACKGROUND Rhabdomyosarcomas (RMSs) are a group of soft-tissue malignant tumors which derive from primitive skeletal muscle tissue that mainly affect children and adolescents. RMSs are very rare in adults, where they are usually located in the extremities. CASE PRESENTATION A previously healthy 32-year-old male presented at our ENT (ear, nose and throat)(More)
BACKGROUND Supracricoid laryngectomy is an organ preservation surgical technique for early-stage glottic tumors. Modified supracricoid laryngectomy using sternohyoid muscles for neoglottis reconstruction is a new surgical technique. This report evaluates oncological and functional outcomes of this new technique and its feasibility in elderly patients. (More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of selective neck dissection (SND) in patients with laryngeal cancer and clinically positive cervical nodes. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A retrospective review of the clinical records of 58 consecutive untreated patients affected by laryngeal carcinoma and submitted to surgical treatment was(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoke has been identified as the main cause of oral cavity carcinoma. Recently, the electronic cigarette, a battery-operated device, was developed to help smokers stop their tobacco addiction. This study aimed to evaluate the safety of electronic cigarettes and to establish the possible role of such device in the primary prevention of(More)
BACKGROUND Lingual thyroid represents 90% of ectopic thyroid tissue localizations. The first case was described by Hickman in 1869. An ectopic thyroid is often asymptomatic, but pathological or physiological conditions inducing hyperproduction of thyroid-stimulating hormone can lead an ectopic thyroid to become symptomatic. Treatment of the symptomatic(More)
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