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The inherent potential of filamentous fungi, especially of Ascomycota, for producing diverse bioactive metabolites remains largely silent under standard laboratory culture conditions. Innumerable strategies have been described to trigger their production, one of the simplest being manipulation of the growth media composition. Supplementing media with ionic(More)
Ensuring network survivability is of the utmost importance in today's networks. A Shared Risk Link Group (SRLG) is the set of links in the network that share a common physical resource subject to fault(s). This concept allows an upper layer the ability to implement SRLG diverse routing. and the Iterative Modified Suurballe's Heuristic (IMSH), will be(More)
— The paper describes new developments of a multiple objective dynamic routing method (MODR) for circuit-switched networks previously presented, based on the periodic calculation of alternative paths for every node pair by a specialised bi-objective shortest path algorithm (MMRA). A model is presented that enables the numerical calculation of two global(More)