Teresa Freire

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The social context can impact psychological and physiological functioning. Being alone, in particular, is experienced as more negative on average than being with others, in both normative and pathological populations. This study investigates whether daily solitude is associated with changes in cortisol and, if so, whether momentary and trait affect can(More)
In cancer, mucins are aberrantly O-glycosylated, and consequently, they express tumor-associated antigens such as the Tn determinant (alpha-GalNAc-O-Ser/Thr). As compared with normal tissues, they also exhibit a different pattern of expression. In particular, MUC6, which is normally expressed only in gastric tissues, has been detected in intestinal,(More)
In well-being research the term happiness is often used as synonymous with life satisfaction. However, little is known about lay people's understanding of happiness. Building on the available literature, this study explored lay definitions of happiness across nations and cultural dimensions, analyzing their components and relationship with participants'(More)
Objectives: The autotelic personality is associated with traits associated with positive mental and physical health outcomes. Furthermore, the autotelic personality was associated with a better functioning in daily life contexts. The aim of this study was to investigate whether autotelic personality characteristics are associated with experiential and(More)
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