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  • T I Doran
  • 1999
Various species of Citrobacter may cause infections in neonates and immunocompromised hosts. Citrobacter koseri (formerly Citrobacter diversus) is best known as the cause of sepsis and meningitis leading to central nervous system (CNS) abscesses in neonates and young infants. Early onset and late-onset infections occur as for other neonatal bacterial(More)
Basal cells of the stratified squamous epithelia of rabbit skin, cornea and esophagus appear morphologically similar. However, the histological features of their subsequent differentiation are different, and the three epithelia are characterized by distinctive keratin proteins. To analyze the relative importance of intrinsic versus extrinsic factors in(More)
IEEE 1220 guides enterprises or projects to a well-engineered solution for product-oriented systems. Annex C describes how to success fully use IEEE 1220 together with ISO/IEC 15288, but there are still gaps to bridge to fully harmonize the two standards. Although a "fast-track" ballot of IEEE Std 1220-2005 is currently under way in JTC1, planning joint(More)
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