Teresa Del Rosal Rabes

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Tuberculosis (TB) screening in pregnancy using tuberculin skin test (TST) is recommended in case of symptoms of TB disease, close contact with a patient with infectious TB, or high risk of developing active disease. The new interferon gamma release assay (IGRA) tests are recommended in BCG-vaccinated pregnant women with positive TST and no known risk(More)
Respiratory viral infections, particularly respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and rhinovirus, are the most importance risk factors for the onset of wheezing in infants and small children. Bronchiolitis is the most common acute respiratory infection in children under 1year of age, and the most common cause of hospitalization in this age group. RSV accounts(More)
Canadian Immunization Guide Public Health Agency of Canada (Canadá, 2012) Sí http://www.phacaspc.gc.ca/publicat/ciggci/p04-bcg-eng.php Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland. Chapter 22-Tuberculosis National Immunisation Office (Irlanda, 2014) Sí http://www.hse.ie/eng/ health/immunisation/ hcpinfo/guidelines/chapter22.pdf The Australian Immunisation Handbook(More)
In pregnant women who have been exposed to tuberculosis (TB), primary isoniazid prophylaxis is only recommended in cases of immunosuppression, chronic medical conditions or obstetric risk factors, and close and sustained contact with a patient with infectious TB. Isoniazid prophylaxis for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) is recommended in women who have(More)
Panayiotopoulos syndrome is encompassed in the classification of the ILAE in idiopathic focal epilepsies. Mutations in the SCN1A gene have been associated with the development of this syndrome. We present two cases of Panayiotopoulos syndrome in two monozygotic twins, who underwent a molecular analysis of SCN1A, but no alteration was found. These cases(More)
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