Teresa Dahlberg

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Previous works on the inheritance of dental traits have traditionally followed Fisher's model for family data under the assumption that phenotypic similarity between relatives is due solely to genetic factors. This study uses recent causal models that incorporate the contribution of nonrandom environmental sources of variation to familial resemblance on(More)
Applications and middleware popular in the study of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) often involve monitoring dynamically changing environments. As the complexity and scale of these applications increase, so does the need for effective comparative analysis. Deterministic benchmarks for head-to-head comparisons, as well as stochastic tests modeling the(More)
In this paper, we describe a fuzzy query processing approach to support application development in sensor networks. Using a fuzzy query, an application programmer can provide a linguistic and semantic specification of the desired data, eliminating the need to specify explicit and exact thresholds as part of a query. The returned fuzzy query results are each(More)
Research and development on the survivability of networks has largely focused on public switched telecommunications networks and high-speed data networks with little attention on the survivability of wireless access networks supporting cellular and PCS communications. This paper presents the effects of failures and survivability issues in PCS networks with(More)
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