Teresa Dahlberg

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Applications and middleware popular in the study of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) often involve monitoring dynamically changing environments. As the complexity and scale of these applications increase, so does the need for effective comparative analysis. Deterministic benchmarks for head-to-head comparisons, as well as stochastic tests modeling the(More)
In this paper, we describe a fuzzy query processing approach to support application development in sensor networks. Using a fuzzy query, an application programmer can provide a linguistic and semantic specification of the desired data, eliminating the need to specify explicit and exact thresholds as part of a query. The returned fuzzy query results are each(More)
As product cycles become shorter and the demand for customized products becomes greater, flexibility in production capabilities becomes mandatory. This trend requires manufacturing enterprises to be highly flexible with the ability to timely reallocate manufacturing resources. Wireless communications provides a natural ability to support the flexibility(More)
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