Teresa Castells

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Zygophyllum fabago L. (Zygophyllaceae) can be found in the Middle East, in North Africa and in the arid zones of the Mediterranean region. It easily establishes itself in new regions, and is considered an invasive plant. They undergo ambophilous pollination, as there is a relationship between this type of pollination and its allergenic incidence. A(More)
Platanus acerifolia (Aiton) Willdenow is a plane tree, widely grown as an ornamental tree in many cities of the United States and Western Europe, which has become an important source of airborne allergens in our cities. The aim of the present study is to immunolocalize the major allergens in the pollen grain and to examine their potential function in the(More)
BACKGROUND Cupressaceae is a family of plants resistant to airborne contamination, and its pollen is the main cause of winter allergic respiratory diseases, especially in North America, Japan, and Mediterranean countries. Recently, a major allergen from Cupressus arizonica pollen grains, Cup a 3, was cloned and expressed. OBJECTIVE To study the effects of(More)
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