Teresa C. Juarbe

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Evidence of the benefits of physical activity in the health of aging women continues to grow but questions remain about the factors that influence these women's ability to engage in this behavior. The authors used a qualitative design to describe the social and culture-specific perceived benefits and barriers to physical activity among 143 Latina women,(More)
UNLABELLED Adult immunizations have dramatically improved the health of many Americans. In the United States, researchers have documented disparities in the utilization of adult vaccinations between whites and racial and ethnic minority populations. This article examines racial and ethnic attitudes regarding recommended adult vaccinations. METHODS Four(More)
BACKGROUND: Screening mammography for women 50 to 69 years of age may lead to 50% having an abnormal study. We set out to determine the proportion of women who understand their abnormal mammogram results and the factors that predict understanding. METHODS: We surveyed 970 women age 40 to 80 years identified with abnormal mammograms from 4 clinical sites. We(More)
In this ethnographic study, we describe the perceived health needs and resources of women in two rural Ecuadorian communities. Nineteen women participated in semistructured interviews. Women worked 3 to 30 hours outside the home each week but described their financial resources as insufficient. Most participants perceived their health as fair to poor. Four(More)
OBJECTIVES Describe changes and examine the association between depressive symptoms, physical activity, body mass index (BMI), and perceived health among Latina (n=81) and White (n=151) women in the first year of the late-premenopausal stage. METHODS Longitudinal study focused on the biopsychosocial health of midlife women (ages 40-50 years) with regular(More)
This descriptive study examined physical activity beliefs, behaviors, and cardiovascular fitness of a convenience sample of 51 married Mexican immigrant women (MIW) with children in Northern California. Standardized tools/procedures were used to measure the variables of interest and to determine cardiovascular fitness levels. The majority (78%) was not(More)
In this study, I describe the cardiovascular-related diet and exercise experiences of 24 married immigrant Mexican women (21 to 40 years-old) who have children. I used semistructured taped interviews in Spanish to elicit qualitative data concerning the diet and exercise experiences of this sample. The data were analyzed in Spanish using grounded theory(More)
I 1978 the term primary health care (PHC) was coined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in the World Health Assembly, which included 25 member countries and organizations.’ At that time, member countries expressed outrage at the low life-expectancy averages and the high mortality(More)