Teresa Banaszkiewicz

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Experimental studies were performed on healthy, 80-100 g carp (Cyprinus carpio). Fish were exposed by emersion in Roundup (205 mg of glyphosate/l or 410 mg of glyphosate/l) in concentrations of 40- to 20-fold lower than those used in practice. Electron microscopy revealed that the herbicide caused appearance of myelin-like structures in carp hepatocytes,(More)
Protein feeds in the European Union (EU) cover only 25% demand for protein, what oblige the particular members to import feeds with a high protein content, where the main place have soybean meal. The share of this feed in total quantity of feeds utilization in EU is about 9%. Yearly consumption of soybean meal in EU is about 32mln ton, from what 5.6% it(More)
Two experiments were conducted to study the effect of rapeseed cake and xylanase application on the digestibility and deposition of nutrients and energy in young broiler chickens. Experiment 1 was carried out on broiler chickens between the ages of 1 to 21 days, which were divided into three groups. The control diet contained soybean meal, whereas in the(More)
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