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This project evaluates the value of delay (VOD) to commercial vehicle operators due to highway congestion. The VOD for congestion is a fundamental parameter driving the private sectors' response to public freight projects and policies such as corridor construction and tolling. Factors affecting the commercial VOD include direct operational cost, travel(More)
Freight delay is detrimental to the national economy. In an effort to gauge the economic impact of freight delay due to highway congestion, this project focuses on estimating shippers' value of delay (VOD). We have accomplished this through three strategies to monetize the impacts of congestion on shippers' operations: • Three half-structured on-site(More)
An efficient, reliable and safe freight transportation system is the key to the continued economic health of a region. Bottlenecks in specific cities impact other states, local regulations impact route choices, and the availability of specific modes and the quality of service influence mode choice. However, most freight studies are conducted at the(More)
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