Teresa A Wagner

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We used a continuously rotating torsion balance instrument to measure the acceleration difference of beryllium and titanium test bodies towards sources at a variety of distances. Our result Deltaa(N),(Be-Ti)=(0.6+/-3.1)x10(-15) m/s2 improves limits on equivalence-principle violations with ranges from 1 m to infinity by an order of magnitude. The Eötvös(More)
The authors describe the initial development of the Wagner Assessment Test (WAT), an instrument designed to assess critical thinking, using the 5-faceted view popularized by the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA; G. B. Watson & E. M. Glaser, 1980). The WAT was designed to reduce the degree of successful guessing relative to the WGCTA by(More)
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