Teresa A Conner-Kerr

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An estimated 15% of patients with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer sometime in their life, making them 30 to 40 times more likely to undergo amputation due to a non-healing foot ulcer than the non-diabetic population. To determine the safety and efficacy of a new, non-contact, kilohertz ultrasound therapy for the healing of recalcitrant diabetic foot(More)
While the incidence of back pain during pregnancy has been shown to be high, few studies have investigated postural changes that occur during pregnancy and their relationship to back pain. The purpose of this study was to determine if posture and back pain changed from the first to the third trimester of pregnancy and whether there was a relationship(More)
The incidence of chronic wounds is increased among older adults, and the impact of chronic wounds on quality of life is particularly profound in this population. It is well established that wound healing slows with age. However, the basic biology underlying chronic wounds and the influence of age-associated changes on wound healing are poorly understood.(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this pilot study was to identify the priorities, strategies, and accountability measures for interprofessional education (IPE) being used by health professions programs, allied health colleges, and/or universities. METHOD An electronic survey was sent to 114 deans, associate deans, and directors (program, clinical education,(More)
Wound infections produced by antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains are particularly difficult to manage. This study examined the effectiveness of ultraviolet (UV) light treatment in killing antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis in vitro. Between 2 and 5 replications of each organism at 10(8) organisms/ml were(More)
Hippocampal mossy fiber (MF) nerve endings may be isolated in a subcellular fraction (P3) that releases both prodynorphin-derived peptides and glutamate (Glu) in a calcium-dependent manner when depolarized. However, this isolation procedure does not yield a pure preparation of MF synaptosomes. The present study evaluates the proportion of dynorphin (Dyn)(More)
Falls in the elderly are common and a frequent source of injury. Chronic fall risk factors were evaluated in aging individuals with type 2 diabetes from two different settings--an urban day care center (age range: 57 to 83 years) and a rural community center (age range: 62 to 97 years). Six fall-related risk factors were studied: client history/subjective(More)
OBJECTIVE Deep tissue injury (DTI) is caused by prolonged mechanical loading that disrupts blood flow and metabolic clearance. A patient simulator that mimics the biomechanical aspects of DTI initiation, stress and strain in deep muscle tissue, would be potentially useful as a training tool for pressure-relief techniques and testing platform for(More)
Low-frequency ultrasound (LFU) in the frequency range 30-40 kHz administered using different delivery methods (waterbath and noncontact spray) has shown positive effects on chronic wound healing rates in humans, but the underlying mechanisms are only beginning to be explored. To examine the effects of LFU delivered at 35 kHz on the morphology and migration(More)
OBJECTIVE : The purpose of the study was to evaluate the benefit of using pulsed radiofrequency energy (PRFE) therapy in the treatment of chronic pressure ulcers. DESIGN : A retrospective analysis was performed using case series data from the Provant Wound Registry, which consists of demographic characteristics and wound healing outcomes for patients(More)