Terence Y. J. Zhang

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Schützenberger’s theorem for the ordinary RSK correspondence naturally extends to Chen et. al’s correspondence for matchings and partitions. Thus the counting of bilaterally symmetric k-noncrossing partitions naturally arises as an analogue for involutions. In obtaining the analogous result for 3-noncrossing partitions, we use a different technique to(More)
Gioan showed that the number of cycle reversing classes of totally cyclic orientations of a given graph can be calculated as an evaluation of the corresponding Tutte polynomial. We note that the concept of cycle reversing classes of orientations coincides with that of Eulerianequivalence classes considered by Chen and Stanley, and Kochol. Based on this(More)
We establish a reflection principle for three lattice walkers and use this principle to reduce the enumeration of the configurations of three vicious walkers to that of configurations of two vicious walkers. In the combinatorial treatment of two vicious walkers, we make connections to two-chain watermelons and to the classical ballot problem. Precisely, the(More)
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