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The dynamic and lossy nature of wireless communication poses major challenges to reliable, self-organizing multihop networks. These non-ideal characteristics are more problematic with the primitive, low-power radio transceivers found in sensor networks, and raise new issues that routing protocols must address. Link connectivity statistics should be captured(More)
We present a balls-and-bins approach to scheduling communication in monitoring applications of sensor networks. In monitoring applications, each node in a routing tree wishes to send a fixed number of message to the root or “base station” once every T seconds. We propose dividing each T -second time period into nmessage-length slots and then allowing(More)
Environmental Disasters form the most important aspect that affects day to day life of human society. The main causes include threats from Floods, Tornado etc... So, weather forecasting forms most surveyed activity. Recently, emerging technologies such as WSN are being used for accurate weather forecasting. This paper presents one such software application(More)
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