Terence S. Crofts

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Cobamides such as vitamin B12 (cobalamin) are produced exclusively by prokaryotes and used by many other organisms as cofactors for diverse metabolic processes. Cobamides are cobalt-containing tetrapyrroles with upper and lower axial ligands. The structure of the lower ligand varies in cobamides produced by different bacteria. We investigated the(More)
Cobamides are members of the vitamin B12 family of cofactors that function in a variety of metabolic processes and are synthesized only by prokaryotes. Cobamides produced by different organisms vary in the structure of the lower axial ligand. Here we explore the molecular factors that control specificity in the incorporation of lower ligand bases into(More)
Cobalamin and other corrinoids are essential cofactors for many organisms. The majority of microbes with corrinoid-dependent enzymes do not produce corrinoids de novo, and instead must acquire corrinoids produced by other organisms in their environment. However, the profile of corrinoids produced in corrinoid-dependent microbial communities, as well as the(More)
The potency of a T cell is determined in large part by two interactions, binding of a cognate peptide to the MHC, and binding of the T cell receptor (TCR) to this pepMHC. Various studies have attempted to assess the relative importance of these interactions, and to correlate the corresponding binding parameters with the level of T cell activity mediated by(More)
Cobamides, which include vitamin B₁₂ (cobalamin), are a class of modified tetrapyrroles synthesized exclusively by prokaryotes that function as cofactors for diverse biological processes. Cobamides contain a centrally bound cobalt ion that coordinates to upper and lower axial ligands. The lower ligand is covalently linked to a phosphoribosyl moiety through(More)
Cobamides are a family of enzyme cofactors that include vitamin B12 (cobalamin) and are produced solely by prokaryotes. Structural variability in the lower axial ligand has been observed in cobamides produced by diverse organisms. Of the three classes of lower ligands, the benzimidazoles are uniquely found in cobamides, whereas the purine and phenolic bases(More)
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