Terence Love

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This paper reports the main findings of an exploratory investigation into the key factors necessary to designing information systems for online portfolio-based assessment in tertiary, professional, secondary and primary education that maximize benefits for all stakeholders. A review of contemporary practice in designing online portfolio assessment systems(More)
Load-independent growth controls were investigated in embryonic atria and ventricles cultured in the anterior eye chamber of adult rats. At embryonic day 12, the mass of atria was half that of ventricles (0.11 vs. 0.24 mg), whereas after 8 wk in oculo, atrial grafts were threefold larger than ventricular grafts (2.26 +/- 0.36 vs. 0.69 +/- 0.16 mg). To(More)
The effects of sympathetic innervation on myocardial growth during the proliferative and hypertrophic phases of cardiac growth were examined with the use of embryonic day 12 whole hearts or ventricles cultured in the anterior eye chamber of adult rats for 8 wk. Sympathetic innervation of whole heart and ventricular grafts was prevented by removing the(More)
During the 1960s, the northwest region of the United Kingdom (illustrated in Figure 1) became the home of several innovative design-based companies producing clothing and equipment for mountaineering and outdoor sports. This region borders on the Pennines. It includes north Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Sheffield and parts of what is now(More)
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