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Summarising the complex data generated by multiple cross sectional quality indicators in a way that patients, clinicians, managers and policymakers find useful is challenging. A common approach is aggregation to create summary measures such as star ratings and balanced score cards, but these may conceal the detail needed to focus quality improvement. We(More)
This paper reports the main findings of an exploratory investigation into the key factors necessary to designing information systems for online portfolio-based assessment in tertiary, professional, secondary and primary education that maximize benefits for all stakeholders. A review of contemporary practice in designing online portfolio assessment systems(More)
This paper reports research into the application of Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety to assist with identifying optimal choices of design solutions at the pre-design stage of designing digital ecosystems. This study of the application of Ashby's Law is a component of a larger research program investigating the application of classical systems analysis tools(More)
This paper addresses two aspects of theory foundations relating to computational models of creative design cognition based on human designing. It proposes definitions of core concepts to address problems of terminology and epistemological coherency in this area. The paper argues that neurological findings and a greater understanding of the roles of closure(More)
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