Terence King

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Prior research has shown that exposure to shock can induce a decrease in pain reactivity (hypoalgesia). The present experiments show that, at the same time points that subjects are less responsive to radiant heat applied to the tail (the tail-flick test), tailshock elicits enhanced motor reactivity and vocalization. This enhanced responsiveness, or(More)
Nociceptive processing within the human brain takes place within two distinct and parallel systems: the lateral and medial pain systems. Current knowledge indicates that the lateral system is involved in processing the sensory-discriminative aspects of pain, and that the medial system is involved in processing the affective-motivational aspects of pain.(More)
The present study examined the way in which an indirect partial deafferentation of the medial portion of the ventrobasal complex (VPM/VPL) induced by neonatal transection of the infraorbital nerve (ION) altered the structural and functional properties of its constituent neurons. This manipulation significantly reduced the volume of the contralateral(More)
  • V M Kodach, J Kalkman, D J Faber, T G Van Leeuwen, E D A Huang, C P Swanson +99 others
  • 2010
One of the present challenges in optical coherence tomography (OCT) is the visualization of deeper structural morphology in biological tissues. Owing to a reduced scattering, a larger imaging depth can be achieved by using longer wavelengths. In this work, we analyze the OCT imaging depth at wavelengths around 1300 nm and 1600 nm by comparing the scattering(More)
A new coupled-cavity design for single-longitudinal-mode operation of an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is presented. The OPO is based on a beta-BaB(2)O(4) crystal and is pumped by the third harmonic of a Nd:YAG laser. With this design, we achieved single-longitudinal-mode operation of the OPO with a decrease in the threshold and an increase in(More)
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