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Mandible fractures commonly occur in patients who have sustained blunt facial trauma, and the subcondylar region is the most frequently fractured due to its intrinsic biomechanical weakness. The maxillary artery lies in close relation to the medial cortex of the subcondyle and is vulnerable to injury by the sharp edges of the fracture fragments during the(More)
BACKGROUND The superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator flap is a thin skin flap that can be harvested reliably and quickly from the groin. It is ideal for single-stage resurfacing of cutaneous defects. The donor site heals well and is easily concealed. The authors clarify the anatomy, simplify the flap harvest technique, and outline the modifications(More)
BACKGROUND In the quest for reduced scars and better aesthetic outcomes in minimally invasive surgical techniques for gynaecomastia, suction-assisted lipoplasty and ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty are now considered accepted recent advancements. Nevertheless, the fibrous glandular breast disc encountered in young, thin patients requires a separate(More)
INTRODUCTION Large defects around the knee remain challenging reconstructive problems. We report our experience with the use of the anterolateral thigh perforator flap for various defects in this area, based on the anatomy seen intraoperatively. METHODS AND MATERIALS Eight knee defects were reconstructed with the anterolateral thigh flap in accordance(More)
OBJECTIVES Vascularized lymph node transfer for lymphedema is an emerging method of treatment. Vascularized lymph nodes have been harvested from a number of donor sites, that is, groin, axilla, and neck. There is a concern that harvesting nodes from the groin and axilla may lead to donor site lymphedema. This risk is greatly reduced in harvesting from the(More)
The use and integration of a novel planning approach for an all-terrain vehicle that is to navigate autonomously within an equatorial forest type terrain is described in this paper. The principles applied to the design of a global motion planner are included. The planner takes into account the kinematic and dynamic parameters of the vehicle as well as the(More)
INTRODUCTION A common approach to the surveillance of emerging infectious diseases and agents of bioterrorism is to analyse electronically captured data for disease syndromes. The Patient Care Enhancement System (PACES) is a form of electronic medical records presently in service in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). We assess the feasibility of PACES data(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis involves aggressive débridement followed by soft-tissue coverage. The dictum of muscle coverage being superior has been challenged by successful reports of coverage with skin flaps. The objective of this article is to evaluate the efficacy of perforator flaps for reconstruction of chronic osteomyelitis defects.(More)