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for blood pressure and hypertension in the period from 1960 to 1980 are also presented. Under the Ieg]slation establishing the National Health Survey. !he Public Health Service is authorized to use. insofar as possible, the sert>ices or facilities of other Federal. State. or private agencies. In accordance with specifications established b), the National(More)
Most visualization tools fail to provide support for missing data. We identify sources of missing, and categorize data visualization techniques based on the impact missing data have on the display: region dependent, attribute dependent, and neighbor dependent. We then report on a user study with 30 participants that compared three design variants. A(More)
1. Abstract Although clear recognition of missing and uncertain data is essential for accurate data analysis, most visualization techniques do not adequately support these significant data set attributes. After reviewing the sources of missing and uncertain data we propose three categories of visualization techniques based on the impact that missing data(More)
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