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[Influence of difuracil (PAP-49) on normal intestinal microflora of rabbits. In vitro and in vivo experiments].
: The influence of difuracil (PAP-49), a novel nitrofuran, on saprotrophic and normal digestive tract microflora was studied in vitro and in vivo by comparison with that of furazolidone. It was shownExpand
[Therapeutic effectiveness of furazolidone and difuracil (PAP-49) in experimental staphylococcal and Escherichia septicemia].
It was shown in the models of staphylococcal and Coli septicemia of albino mice that by its therapeutic efficacy difuracil was 1.3 times more active as furazolidone and by 1-2 days earlier eradicated the pathogens in the host. Expand