Tere Vadén

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The objective of our study was two-fold. The first and most important objective was to gather experiences on the use of wiki software in Finnish companies. The second objective was to study the frequency of the use of wikis among Finland's 50 biggest companies. Twenty answers on wiki use experiences were received, the responses were divided fairly evenly(More)
The development model of Open Source Software (OSS) has been widely recognized as resilient and productive. Consequently, high hopes have been placed on projects that try to adapt the OSS model into material production, in projects that can be called Open Source Hardware (OSH). While OSS development has received increasing scholarly attention, the research(More)
The concept of "intellectual property" has gained a lot of attention recently. Several conflicting trends make it a focal point of controversy. The global trend towards an "information society" gives an increasing role to information, knowledge and other immaterial assets in production. Therefore the economy also needs ways of controlling, identifying and(More)
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