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This work describes a 1 kW converter for distributed generation applications. It operates in stand alone mode, and grid connected mode with automatic power flow control. The converter presents three stages: high frequency inverter; bridge rectifier; and low frequency inverter. The converter has galvanic isolation and it operates with DC input voltages(More)
Among the 17 intracranial dural fistulae treated in the Department of Neuroradiology of the University Hospital of Coimbra (17 patients, 28 embolizations) between 19/10/98 and 20/11/2000, 4 cases (23%) were located on the tentorium cerebelli. Three patients were men aged 45, 53 and 56 years old. The remaining patient was an 85-year-old woman. All 4 patients(More)
—This paper explore different heuristics that may be applied to provide a node-based cost for energy-aware multihop routing for wireless environments which integrate heterogeneous devices that are carried or owned by Internet end-users. We analyzed based on simulations of the different heuristics when applied to distance-vector approach, namely the Ad Hoc(More)
The reduction of carbon emission is imperative towards the Green Internet. Hence, this paper proposes and validates green routing metrics focused on improving energy efficiency of multi-hop approaches in heterogeneous wireless people-centric environments. The validation is carried out through discrete event simulations based on real data set traces and(More)
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