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The development of mass spectrometric techniques for determination of (230)Th abundance has made it possible to reduce analytical errors in (238)U-(234)U-(230)Th dating of corals even with very small samples. Samples of 6 x 10(8) atoms of (230)Th can be measured to an accuracy of +/-3 percent (2sigma) and 3 x 10(10) atoms of (230)Th can be measured to an(More)
Thermal ionization mass spectrometric(230)Th/(234)U dating has been carried out on intercalated speleothem samples from the limestone cave occupied by Homo erectus at Zhoukoudian, China. The samples were recently collected in proper stratigraphic context after detailed field examinations. The results show that the age of the No. 5 Skull from Layer 3 is >400(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor is a secreted cytokine in the human amnion and to study its chemotaxic and antiapoptotic properties. STUDY DESIGN Pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor secretion was studied from amniotic epithelial-like WISH cells and primary amniotic epithelial cells that were(More)
Exogenous surfactant therapy is not standard in the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) because of a lack of proven benefit. Nonuniform surfactant distribution after either bolus or aerosol administration may be an important factor limiting response. In a previous study of acute lung injury, we demonstrated that lavage administration of Exosurf (13.5(More)
In an acute lung injury model, we previously observed reversal of pulmonary dysfunction with natural surfactant administered by lavage (dose = 18 mg/kg phospholipid). The present study questioned whether a lower dose of phospholipid would be effective if a recombinant preparation rather than natural surfactant were used. Acute lung injury was induced by(More)
Maldistribution of exogenous surfactant may preclude any clinical response in acute lung injury associated with surfactant dysfunction. Our previous studies have shown the effectiveness of surfactant lavage after homogenous lung injury. The present study utilizes a histologically confirmed non-homogeneous lung injury model induced by saline lung-lavage(More)
Extensive dating of the fossil corals associated with the Waimanalo shoreline on Oahu has shown that 120,000 years ago the ocean was approximately 7.6 meters above its present level. Corals grown during that time constitute a major portion of the subaerial reef-derived material on the island, with exposures ranging from about 10 meters to near sea level.(More)
Barbados provides a possibly unique opportunity for reconstruction of the times and elevations of late-Pleistocene high stands of the sea. The island appears to be rising from the sea at a uniform rate that is fast enough to separate in elevation coral-reef tracts formed at successive high stands of the sea. Unaltered coral found in the lower terraces(More)
To investigate the role of high frequency oscillation (HFO) in promoting meconium clearance from the airway, we used a commercially available ventilator configured with maximal expiratory flow exceeding inspiratory flow (asymmetric HFO or AHFO). We hypothesized that AHFO would move meconium in an expiratory direction (toward the ventilator). We first tested(More)