Teraya Donaldson

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Infrared spectroscopy (IR) is commonly used to study secondary structure of both peptides and proteins. The amide I band is very sensitive to peptide secondary structure, and the conformation of a peptide can be probed at the residue level by introducing site-specific isotope-labels into the peptide backbone. The replacement of a carbonyl (12)C with a (13)C(More)
The Thermotoga maritima arginine binding protein (TmArgBP) is a member of the periplasmic binding protein superfamily. As a highly thermostable protein, TmArgBP has been investigated for the potential to serve as a protein scaffold for the development of fluorescent protein biosensors. To establish a relationship between structural dynamics and ligand(More)
The Thermotoga maritima arginine-binding protein (TmArgBP) has been modified to create a reagentless fluorescent protein biosensor. Two design methods for biosensor construction are compared: 1) solvent accessibility of environmentally-sensitive probes and 2) fluorescence deactivation due to photo-induced electron transfer (PET). Nine single cysteine(More)
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