Teppei Tsujita

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In open abdominal surgical procedures, many surgical instruments, e.g., knives, cutting shears and clamps, are generally used. Therefore, a haptic interface should display reaction force of a soft biological tissue through such a surgical instrument. Simplest solution for this difficulty is that an actual instrument is mechanically mounted on the(More)
When a human needs to generate a large force, the human will try to apply an impulsive force cooperating whole body. This paper proposes a way to generate impact motions for humanoid robots to exert a large force keeping a balance. In the proposed method, the Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) is used to solve a nonlinear programming problem in which an(More)
Design and evaluation of an encountered-type haptic interface using MR fluid for surgical simulators Teppei Tsujita a , Kazuya Sase b , Atsushi Konno b , Masano Nakayama b , XiaoShuai Chen b , Koyu Abe b & Masaru Uchiyama b a Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University , 2-1-1 Katahira Aoba-ku, Sendai , 980-8577 , Japan b Graduate School of Engineering,(More)
In order to achieve human-like quick eye movements and image processing for intelligent mobile robots, a high speed binocular camera head is developed. The aim of the binocular camera head is to provide a platform to reproduce the human brain information processing. Two neuromorphic vision chips with lenses, which are developed imitating human retinas, will(More)
In order to exert a large force on the environment, it is effective to apply impulsive force. We describe the motions that perform tasks by applying impulsive force as ldquoimpact motionrdquo. In this research, a nailing task is taken as an example of impact motion. This paper presents a relationship between driving depth and force or impulse and analysis(More)