Teppei Akaboshi

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Four monoclonal antibodies (mAb) against a feline panleukopenia virus (FPLV) TU 1 strain, one of the host range variants of feline parvovirus (FPV), were produced and applied for antigenic analysis of FPLV, canine parvovirus (CPV) and mink enteritis virus (MEV). All mAbs were considered to be directed at epitopes on the virus capsid surface because they(More)
SCOPE Glutathione (GSH) increases in RAW264 murine macrophage cells exposed to β-carotene or β-cryptoxanthin, however, the underlying mechanism has not been clarified. In the present study, we investigated the expression of glutamate-cysteine-ligase (GCL), the rate-limiting enzyme in GSH synthesis, in these cells. METHODS AND RESULTS Both the protein and(More)
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