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In this paper we present a method of attacking public-key cryptosystems (PKCs) on tamper resistant devices. The attack makes use of transient faults and seems applicable to many types of PKCs. In particular, we show how to attack the RSA, the ElGamal signature scheme, the Schnorr signature scheme, and the DSA. We also present some possible methods to(More)
This paper exposes the common order-theoretic properties of the structures manipulated by the version space algorithm [Mit78]and the assumption-based truth maintenance systems (ATMS) [dk86a,dk86b] by recasting them in the framework of convex spaces. Our analysis of version spaces in this framework reveals necessary and sufficient conditions for ensuring the(More)
This paper presents a new on-line cash check scheme which guarantees payor anonymity and improves upon existing similar schemes in efficiency and security. Electronic commerce, which combines the efficiency of computerization and networking, is going to dramatically change the way in which business is conducted today. One of the key issues for the(More)
In this paper we present a theory of anti-chains as data representations for sets in circumstances where sets of interest satisfy properties such as being upward-closed or convex relative to a partial ordering. Our goal is to provide an interface for supplying an implementation of the necessary primitives in a reusable manner and a theory that will(More)
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