Teoman Turgut

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Transcription of SUC2, the gene that encodes the cytoplasmic and secreted forms of the enzyme invertase, is controlled by glucose repression and derepression mechanisms in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Several regulatory factors such as the Mig1p-Tup1p-Ssn6p repressor complex and the Snf1p kinase complex have been identified previously as regulators of SUC2(More)
In this work, we use semigroup integral to evaluate zeta-function regularized determinants. This is especially powerful for non–positive operators such as the Dirac operator. In order to understand fully the quantum effective action one should know not only the potential term but also the leading kinetic term. In this purpose we use the Weyl type of symbol(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to analyse the effect of osmotic stress on the biosynthesis of invertase enzyme in nonconventional yeasts. METHODS AND RESULTS Invertase activities of the nonconventional yeast species belonging to Kluyveromyces, Schwanniomyces and Pichia genus were measured either in the presence or in the absence of various amounts of(More)
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