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The freshwater snails Biomphalaria straminea, B. intermedia, B. kuhniana and B. peregrina, are morphologically similar; based on this similarity the first three species were therefore grouped in the(More)
Snails of the genus Biomphalaria from Venezuela were subjected to morphological assessment as well as polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis.(More)
The intermediate hosts of S. mansoni in South America, B. glabrata, B. tenagophila, and B. straminea, were identified by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of the internal(More)
The correct identification of Biomphalaria oligoza, B. orbignyi and B. peregrina species is difficult due to the morphological similarities among them. B. peregrina is widely distributed in South(More)
Macrofouling bivalves are considered an ecological and technological problem worldwide. Control measures have been researched with Limnoperna fortunei, but without success. The aim of the manuscript(More)