Teodora Sanislav

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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) represent a new generation of digital systems, where cyber entities and physical devices cooperate towards a set of common goals. The research presented in this paper aims to contribute to the development of CPSs by proposing an open architecture applicable in environmental monitoring, consisting of three layers. The paper(More)
Cyber-physical systems integrate physical and cyber components for high performance, self-maintenance, self-organization, self-assembly, while the process must be dependable, safety, securely, efficiently and in real-time. The research challenges of cyber-physical system are concerning: abstractions and architecture; distributed computation and networked(More)
This paper describes multi-agent and intelligent agents' techniques used to improve a control and supervisory telematic system for a hydroelectric power plants cascade. The main aim of using multi-agent and intelligent agents is to modernize the supervisory control and data acquisition activities of the energetic installations at dispatcher level and at the(More)
The dispatching process and operative management of the hydro-power plants complex is based on distributed automation architectures hierarchically structured. The plant floor level - technological process interface for data acquisition is represented by programmable logic controllers (PLC) and intelligent measuring devices (embedded systems). The above(More)
In the SCADA system implemented for a hydroelectric power plants cascade, monitoring, control and over-limit alarm processes provide large amounts of historical data stored in distributed databases. In their preliminary form these data donpsilat offer a performance knowledge discovery. Intelligent data mining framework applied over historical acquired data(More)
The research presented in the current paper addresses the use of data mining techniques for enhancing the dependability characteristic in the case of cyber-physical systems. A cyber-physical system for environmental monitoring was considered as a case study. In this context, the main task of data mining is to predict the missing sensor values caused by(More)