Teodora Sandra Buda

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Generating synthetic data is useful in multiple application areas (e.g., database testing, software testing). Nevertheless, existing synthetic data generators generally lack the necessary mechanism to produce realistic data, unless a complex set of inputs are given from the user, such as the characteristics of the desired data. An automated and e cient(More)
It is expected that the fifth generation mobile networks (5G) will support both human-to-human and machine-to-machine communications, connecting up to trillions of devices and reaching formidable levels of complexity and traffic volume. This brings a new set of challenges for managing the network due to the diversity and the sheer size of the network. It(More)
5G represents the next generation of communication networks and services, and will bring a new set of use cases and scenarios. These in turn will address a new set of challenges from the network and service management perspective, such as network traffic and resource management, big data management and energy efficiency. Consequently, novel techniques and(More)
In a wide range of application areas (e.g. data mining, approximate query evaluation, histogram construction), database sampling has proved to be a powerful technique. It is generally used when the computational cost of processing large amounts of information is extremely high, and a faster response with a lower level of accuracy for the results is(More)
Database sampling has become a popular approach to handle large amounts of data in a wide range of application areas such as data mining or approximate query evaluation. Using database samples is a potential solution when using the entire database is not cost-effective, and a balance between the accuracy of the results and the computational cost of the(More)
The future Internet is expected to connect billions of people, things and services having the potential to deliver a new set of applications by deriving new insights from the data generated from these diverse data sources. This highly interconnected global network brings new types of challenges in analysing and making sense of data. This is why machine(More)
The development of a city gradually forms different functional regions, such as residential districts and shopping areas. Discovering these functional regions in cities can enable new types of valuable applications that can benefit different end users: Urban planners can better identify the proximity of existing functional regions and hence, can contribute(More)
Large amounts of data often require expensive and time-consuming analysis. Therefore, highly scalable and efficient techniques are necessary to process, analyze and discover useful information. Database sampling has proven to be a powerful method to surpass these limitations. Using only a sample of the original large database brings the benefit of obtaining(More)
Managing large amounts of information is one of the most expensive, time-consuming and non-trivial activities and it usually requires expert knowledge. In a wide range of application areas, such as data mining, histogram construction, approximate query evaluation, and software validation, handling exponentially growing databases has become a difficult(More)