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Anther culture is one of the most important and useful tool to create pure lines for plant breeding programs rapidly. Some pepper genotypes are recalcitrant and embryogenic frequency in anther culture is still low or reaction is not observed at all. Temperature stress (low or high) can facilitate switching the microspore to sporophyte developmental pathway.(More)
The e ect of a strong held in resonance with one of the transitions of a substance is to change the emission and absorption spectra of adjacent transitions [1-3]. These changes are due to three e ects: variation of the common-level population, splitting of energy levels in a strong eld, and nonlinear interference processes. The last e ect can be interpreted(More)
The Bulgarian Emergency Response System (BERS) is being developed in the Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology since 1994. BERS is based on numerical weather forecast meteorological information and a numerical long-range dispersion model accounting for the transport, dispersion, chemical and radioactive transformations of pollutants. In(More)
An analysis is made of the effect of a strong field on the shape of the amplification line for monoenergetic atoms. There are three strong-field contributions, differing in their dependence on the set of relaxation parameters of the medium and on the differences among the populations corresponding to the Raman transitions. An analysis is made of the(More)
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