Teodora Martínez

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The behavior of single crystals of NaCl: Ca(2+), Mn(2+) exposed to gamma rays was explored for its potential usage as a dosimeter. The study was focused to the effect of dose and dose rate. The crystals were analyzed using thermoluminescence (TL). The productions of irradiation defects in the solid were correlated with the glow curve. F-centers were(More)
This paper presents the results obtained for thoron concentration in 50 single-family dwellings in normal occupancy conditions (open house conditions), measured by a passive electret system (type E-PERM, SSTB configuration) in a 2001-2002 monitoring survey in the Metropolitan Zone of Mexico City. The results show the general log-normal distribution of(More)
The aim of this work is to study the irradiation of iron salts in solid state (heptahydrated ferrous sulfate) and in frozen acid solutions. The study is focused on finding their possible use as dosimeters for low temperature irradiations and high doses. The analysis of the samples was made by UV-visible and Mössbauer spectroscopies. The output signal was(More)
A potential dosimeter based on aqueous frozen solutions and solid-state salt are presented for the evaluation of the energy transferred during the interaction of high-energy radiation with matter at low temperature. The foundation of these dosimeters, both the solid state and the frozen solutions, is based on the measurement of the change of the iron(More)
The feeding strategies of the Spanish ibexCapra pyrenaica Schinz, 1838 and sheepOvis aries Linnaeus, 1758 during summer in the alpine area of Sierra Nevada in south-eastern Spain were compared. The degree of vegetation use by the two ungulates, food availability, diet composition, species selection indices and the effect of plant availability and chemical(More)
A cave (102 m long) under the structure of the Sun pyramid of the prehispanic Teotihuacan City indicates the importance of the pyramid. Studies of the cave mortar samples using energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) fluorescence, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) showed no difference in the chemical elemental composition. The elements(More)
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