Teodora Žujović

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We report a diastereoselective synthetic method to obtain a family of catalytic molecular baskets containing a spacious cavity (~570 Å(3)). These supramolecular catalysts were envisioned, via the process of gating, to control the access of substrates to the embedded catalytic center and thereby modulate the outcome of chemical reactions. In particular,(More)
Cup-shaped porphyrin 1a has four norbornane rings for encircling space and this type of host could be of interest in supramolecular and catalytic chemistry. We used (1)H NMR spectroscopy to investigate the acid-catalyzed (pTsOH in CHCl(3) and TFA in CH(3)CN) condensation of racemic, enantioenriched (80-85 % enantiomeric excess (ee)), and enantiopure (99 %(More)
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