Teodor Lucian Grigorie

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The present paper describes the design of a hybrid actuation control concept, a fuzzy logic proportional-integral-derivative plus a conventional on-off controller, for a new morphing mechanism using smart materials as actuators, which were made from shape memory alloys (SMA). The research work described here was developed for the open loop phase of a(More)
The paper exposes the experimental validation of a synergic INS/GPS navigator with direct application in the assistive positioning of the old people. The data fusion algorithm used in the integration procedure of the two navigators is based on a Kalman filter. For the experimental testing, the detection platform was boarded on a land vehicle and the data(More)
The paper presents a fuzzy logic based algorithm to reduce the noise of the miniaturized inertial sensors used in strap-down inertial navigation systems (SDINS) in linear redundant configurations. The algorithm idea is to establish a weight for each sensor from an SDINS axis (measuring acceleration or angular speed) as a function of the standard deviation(More)
The paper is a review of the pressure method used in the aircrafts’ altitude measurement. In a short introduction the basic methods used in aviation for altitude determination are nominated, and the importance of the barometric altitude is pointed. Further, the atmosphere stratification is presented and the general differential equation, which gives the(More)
The paper represents the second part of a study related to the development of an actuators control system for a morphing wing application, and describes the experimental validation of the control designed in the first part. After a short presentation of the finally adopted control architecture, the physical implementation of the control is done. To(More)
In order to achieve precise navigation information on the displacement of a vehicle in terms of position, speed, acceleration and direction we are suggesting the use of a new software procedure for processing data received from miniaturized inertial navigation systems. A new method for establishing the optimum decomposition level of the Wavelet transform is(More)
In this paper are presented the analysis of three-phase boost rectifier converters in close loop using PI classical controller and PI fuzzy controller. A multi-loop controller for the three-phase boost rectifier consists of an outer loop to regulate the output voltage and two inner current loops one each for the d and q axis input currents. The current(More)
In this paper is presented the study of fuzzy logic power stabilizer for stability of a single machine infinite bus (SMIB). The performance of the system with fuzzy logic based power system stabilizer is compared with the system having conventional power system stabilizer and system without power system stabilizer. The results show that the system with(More)
Abstract: The paper presents a redundant architecture of a bi-dimensional strap-down inertial navigator in vertical plane. The redundance of the developed system is provided by its inertial measurement unit, containing inertial sensors arrays in a linear redundant configuration. The inertial sensors data in each of the three arrays (two for accelerometers(More)