Teodor Akinfiev

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The perspective of using humanoid robots in practical applications is attracting an important research effort and the late steps forward in robot technology shows many remarkable achievements where design aspects, control systems and software evolution regarding humanoid machines have been realised. However, and although most of humanoid robots are intended(More)
In this paper we consider the postural stability problem for nonlinearly actuated quasi-static biped robots, both with respect to the joint angular positions and also with reference to the gripping effect between the foot/feet against the ground during robot locomotion. Zero moment point based mathematical models are developed to establish a relationship(More)
In this paper questions related to the occurrence of departures of a legged climbing robot from the given trajectory are considered. The basic idea of the paper is to show that, if there are slackness and non-rigidities, the legged climbing robot moving upon an inclined or vertical plane, departs systematically from the planned trajectory. It is(More)
Critical care units are equipped with commercial monitoring devices capable of sensing patients' physiological parameters and supervising the achievement of the established therapeutic goals. This avoids human errors in this task and considerably decreases the workload of the healthcare staff. However, at present there still is a very relevant physiological(More)
Abstract. The Dual Smart Drive is a specially designed nonlinear actuator intended for use in climbing and walking legged robots. It features a continuously changing transmission ratio and dual properties and is very suitable for situations where the same drive is required to perform two different types of start-stop motions of a mobile link. Then, the(More)
This paper presents a patent-pending device capable of recording and supervising the urine output of a critical care patient. The device is based on a high precision scale that measures the weight of a commercial urine meter. To isolate the device from the patient's movements, and to guarantee that the urine flows properly through the various tubes of the(More)
The results of a series of researches on the new nontraditional drives are presented. These drives with changing transmission ratio and dual properties have been developed for walking machines, whose working elements make movements with stop and stoppage. Analytical calculations, simulations and experiments with prototypes confirmed a high effectiveness of(More)