Teo Eterovic

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With the goal of relieving the Internet of things (IoT)application designers of the complexities and heterogeneity of wireless sensory networks (WSNs), devices, communication media, protocols and operating systems, the development of higher level domain specific language has been undertaken. The result is DSL-4-IoT Editor-Designer, which is based on high(More)
Although there are many attempts to engineer a domain specific language for the Internet of Things, most of them forget the fact that with the evolving of the Internet of Things, the end user will probably be a common person without an engineering or software development background. The designers of the UML had the same problem: how to make a language(More)
Price decision support systems (PDSS) are crucial for every big retailer in order to be able to decide about product prices in hundreds of stores and thousands of products. In this paper we identify, describe and formalize several price decision support system features that can be used as an input for machine learning algorithms, after that we select the(More)
Most research on network traffic prediction has been done on small datasets based on statistical methodologies. This research analyzes an internet traffic dataset spanning multiple months using the data mining process. Each data mining phase was carefully fitted to the network analysis domain and systematized in context of data mining. The second part of(More)
In this paper we present a Recommendation system that uses the Social Network Services like Facebook Connect, OpenSocial etc. to get useful interest and friend interest data as an input for a Trust Clustering – Friends interest clustering applied on the results of a Collaborative filtering algorithm. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of(More)
We introduce Unified e-Book Format (UeBF) and an example Hybrid Library 2.0 application model based on it. The UeBF is a file format for storing electronic books and related metadata we have designed and developed. It differs from other electronic book file formats in its ability to store an electronic book in multiple file formats and related metadata(More)
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