Tenzin Choesang Dhenub

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The nucleocapsid (NC) domains of retrovirus precursor Gag (PrGag) proteins play an essential role in virus assembly. Evidence suggests that NC binding to viral RNA promotes dimerization of PrGag capsid (CA) domains, which triggers assembly of CA N-terminal domains (NTDs) into hexamer rings that are interconnected by CA C-terminal domains. To examine the(More)
The matrix (MA) domain of the HIV-1 structural precursor Gag (PrGag) protein targets PrGag proteins to membrane assembly sites, and facilitates incorporation of envelope proteins into virions. To evaluate the specific requirements for the MA membrane-binding domain (MBD) in HIV-1 assembly and replication, we examined viruses in which MA was replaced by(More)
We have identified sultam thioureas as novel inhibitors of West Nile virus (WNV) replication. One such compound inhibited WNV, with a 50% effective concentration of 0.7 microM, and reduced reporter expression from cells that harbored a WNV-based replicon. Our results demonstrate that sultam thioureas can block a postentry, preassembly step of WNV(More)
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